Administration Office
Employee Benefit Plan Services Limited
45 McIntosh Drive
Markham,Ontario L3R 8C7
Phone: 905-946-9700
Toll Free: 1-800-263-3564
Fax: 905-946-2535
More Contact Information

Additional Contact Information

Administration Office:

General Enquiry
45 McIntosh Drive
Markham,Ontario L3R 8C7

Telephone: 905-946-9700
Fax: 905-946-2535
Toll Free 1-800-263-3564
Ippy Serratore, Manager of Client Relationships
(905) 946-9700 ext. 230
Veronica Tseng, Senior Consulting Analyst
(905) 946-9700 ext. 239

Enas Razack, Manager of Benefits Administration
(905) 946-9700 ext 255

Shannon Smyth, Senior Pension Administrator
(905) 946-9700 ext 239

Melissa Waugh, Senior Welfare Coordinator
(905) 946-9700 ext 282

Karen Beh, Administrator
(905) 946-9700 ext 276

Isa Santos, Supervisor, Claims
(905) 946-9700 ext 242

Lucy Sistilli-Furlano, Claims Administrator
(905) 946-9700 ext 281

SMWIA Local 30 Union Office:
190 Milner Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario, M1S 5B6
Telephone: 416-299-7260
Fax: 416-299-7734
Toll Free: 1-800-368-3562

The Welfare Plan
The Pension Plan

Benefit Plan Booklets

Pension Plan Booklet 
Notice of Amendment to Pension Plan Booklet
Active Members Welfare Plan
Retired Members Welfare Plan

Pension Plan Forms

Application for Retirement Pension
Application for Disability Pension
Waiver of Pre-Retirement Death Benefit

Welfare Plan Forms

Maternity Leave Benefit
Maternity Leave Claim

Employer Remittances
Electronic Remittance – ICI
Electronic Remittance – Siding Decking
Electronic Remittance – EPSCA

Weekly Income Statement of Claim
Direct Deposit and E-Notification Request Form
Dental Expense Claim Form
Medical Expense Claim Form
Disability Claim Forms
Health Care Spending Account Claim Form

Pension Plan Documents

Pension Plan Text

Member Education

Access Pension Documents Page

Access Welfare Documents Page

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